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PRU 13 : The ABU Message

PRU 13 : The ABU Message

Posted on April 4, 2013


Group warns of action against phantoms on polling day

April 04, 2013
KUALA LUMPUR, April 4 – An activist movement has warned foreigners and phantom voters away from polling stations during Election 2013, saying they will be dealt with accordingly if they dared to sneak in their votes.
Anything But Umno (ABU), an opposition-friendly polls watchdog group, said it will be deploying special squads on polling day to ensure no phantom voter, foreigner or fake IC holder would dare loiter near polling stations.
“Please take this warning seriously. On polling day, ABU will be patrolling all stations and will deal with all foreigner who intend to defy this warning,” ABU leader Haris Ibrahim said in the group’s polls message on video-sharing site YouTube yesterday.
“Please. I emphasise again – take this warning seriously.”
The lawyer-turned-activist also urged Malaysians to assist ABU in its efforts to prevent electoral fraud by casting their ballots early on polling day.
He explained that voters could help ABU’s squads by staying near the polling stations after they have cast their ballots and even accompany the ballot boxes when they are being sent to the various tallying centres nationwide.
“Stay and defend the electoral process,” he appealed.
In the group’s strongest warning yet to possible troublemakers, Haris (picture right) declared that ABU members were even “willing to die” to prevent electoral fraud in Election 2013.
The activist claimed of plots by the Najib team on polling day but said his team of monitors would be ready to fight them.
“We are ready for you,” Haris told Datuk Seri Najib Razak in the video message.
“We, many of us, are ready to die. Are you ready to die?”
The activist added that ABU’s members were willing to “go to any length and at all cost” to ensure that the polls process would not be tampered with by outsiders.
Haris also told Pakatan Rakyat (PR) parties not to squabble over seat distribution, reminding its leaders that many of their supporters would be fighting tooth and nail to ensure that the ruling Barisan Nasonal (BN) falls from Putrajaya in Election 2013.
He said much of PR’s support was “by default” and not out of love for the pact’s three parties but due to a profound hatred towards BN and its lynchpin Umno, which he claimed have “cheated and robbed” Malaysians for years.
To non-PR parties contesting against BN, Haris urged their candidates not to betray the votes given to them by the electorate by jumping ship to the ruling pact once they are voted into their seats.
He said it was likely that these representatives would later be seduced with lucrative offers to jump ship to BN, but appealed that they reject them or face the consequences later.
The activist did not specify what these consequences were but said in the warning that ABU’s agents would hunt them down if they did not flee the country after accepting the BN’s offers.
“Do not succumb (to the offers) but if you do, take this advice – take what you will and leave the country.
“If you do not leave, trust me... we will hunt you down and we will ensure that in the shortest possible time, a by-election will be held to fill up the vacancy that would have been caused.
“Take this warning seriously,” he said.
In a televised address yesterday, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak announced the dissolution of the Dewan Rakyat, paving the way for the long-awaited 13th general election.
The Malaysian Insider understands that the polls may be held as soon as April 20 or a week later on April 27, depending on the Election Commission’s (EC) arrangements.
The EC is expected to meet next week to set the dates for nominations and polling that must be held within 60 days of it getting the notice of dissolution from every state legislative assembly that has yet to be dissolved.
Politicians from the ruling BN and opposition PR will be fighting tooth and nail to wrest majority control over 222 parliamentary seats and 505 state seats in the coming polls, which analysts have said is a toss-up between both pacts.

Illegal Immigrants from Sabah is now swarming Selangor






The figures are staggering … NEW BUMIPUTRA IN TOWN .......................

Kuala Lumpur :  About 5000 foreigners that had obtained Malaysian citizenship during the time of Project IC in Sabah is now alleged to have transferred to Kuala Selangor for the purpose of the 13th General Elections ( PRU 13 )
It is understood that the transfer exercise was done a few years back and involved several constituencies especially in Selangor. One Pakistani national, Nasib Parwali who obtained his citizenship papers during the Sabah Project IC’s time admitted that he changed his address from Sabah to Kuala Selangor two years ago.

“This was done in Sabah but  now the address is changed to here ( Kuala  Selangor ) lah. Now the voting is here, god-willing “ he said in a video recording which was surrendered to Harakahdaily sources. (Incidentally, Ijok is the state constutuency in Selangor, represented by Menteri Besar of Selangor, Khalid Ibrahim.)

In the recording Nasib’s Mycard was shown whose address was at Kampung Ijok Batang Berjuntai, Batu 8 , Jalan Kuala Selangor.

He also alleged that every foreigner has to pay RM 300 to get an IC application form from the agent.

 After this , they need to pay a total of RM 6000 to RM 10,000 in order to collect their Identity card.

"Previously they were issued black ICs but now they are issued with Mycards at Putrajaya “ he said.

 Before this, the Federal Deputy Minister, Datuk Seri Lajim Ukin alleged that 200,000 foreigners who had obtained their Mycards in Sabah were transferred to Peninsular Malaysia , the majority of them in Selangor.

They are expected to vote in the coming General Elections.

Illegal Immigrants – Sabah’s Time Bomb 



Eight things to know about the Sabah RCI







Who will elect the next government? Malaysians? Or Banglas, Indons, Myanmaris and Pakistanis together? You decide 







The foreign invasion







The figures are staggering … NEW BUMIPUTRA IN TOWN .......................







Rise up, valiant people of Sabah







Bersih calls for RCI in peninsula and Sarawak over alleged electoral fraud







Ex-Don: BN parties and Rulers should respond to Dr Mahathir





THE DEVIL WITH DR M: We can't hang him, should we jail an 87-yr-old, how do we PUNISH HIM? 







Umno is rotten to the core, it seems! — P. Ramakrishnan







Stand before Sabah RCI to answer Project M for Mahathir allegations or "forever shut up" - Kit Siang







73,000 refugees granted entry into Sabah in the 1970s, RCI told








Do you know what happened in Sabah on March 13 1986?



Rusuhan Tersembunyi / The Silent Riot 








Who will elect the next government? Malaysians? Or Banglas, Indons, Myanmaris and Pakistanis together? You decide





The figures are staggering … NEW BUMIPUTRA IN TOWN .......................

The foreign invasion






Illegal immigrants, you are hereby put on notice

The following is a message from flyer to be distributed by ABU [Anything But UMNO] to all immigrants in this country, not to vote in the coming GE, should their identity as a Malaysian citizen be known to be one of a dubious nature.

The message in four languages, Bahasa Indonesia, Urdu, Burmese and Bengali, are derived from the English version as :

A Message From The People of Malaysia to the ............
You came here to find money for your families at home, because your country’s economy was being destroyed by corrupt dictators.

Today, our economy, too, is on the brink of collapse after more than 50 years of corrupt rule by the UMNO / Barisan Nasional government.

Today, the rakyat of Malaysia have declared war on the UMNO / BN government and are determined to vote in a new government at the 13th general election.

Many of you have been given citizenship of Malaysia and /or Malaysian identity cards by the corrupt UMNO /BN government on condition that you vote for the UMNO / BN at the next general election.

If you exercise that vote for UMNO / BN, we will regard that as your aligning with the corrupt UMNO / BN to cheat the people of Malaysia.

Understand now that the people of Malaysia are no longer prepared to be cheated by UMNO / BN or anyone who chooses to align with UMNO / BN.

Know that on polling day, Malaysians will patrol all polling stations determined to do anything and everything to prevent any kind of cheating.

This is a warning to you that if you show up at polling stations on polling day during the 13th general election, be prepared to face the wrath of the people of Malaysia.
Stay away from the 13th general elections.

Alternatively, you could visit the website here to download the ABU Message to Foreigners flyer.
ABU is printing thousands of these to distribute to the foreigners in the localities that they have identified as having a high presence of these foreigners with Mykads and registered on the electoral roll.

You could do your part by downloading the ABU Message to Foreigners, printing hundreds of copies and distributing the same to every foreigner you encounter before the 13th GE.
You will agree, I hope, that this would be better than hoping for Najib to clean up the electoral rolls or just sitting in the coffee shops and pubs and bitching about how we are going to be cheated at the 13th GE.

If you can, you can do your bit by printing out copies of the flyer and have them distributed to known foreigners in your area.

The foreign invasion

Who will elect the next government? Malaysians? Or Banglas, Indons, Myanmaris and Pakistanis together? You decide






The figures are staggering … NEW BUMIPUTRA IN TOWN .......................







PKR wants nationwide RCI probe on illegal immigrants


Dr M, please STOP DESTROYING this nation further: YOU cannot be above the law

Dr M is right, Pakatan can rule forever, says Anwar

DEVIL OR ANGEL: Dr Mahathir - how will history JUDGE him 


Dr M: Beware the hate tactics






Dr M’s ‘devil you know’ plea an act of desperation, Pakatan MPs say



Dr M kept ‘fully involved’ in PKFZ project -Liong Sik

Dr M to BN: Be rational to secure two-thirds majority

Dr M: Reject BN and opposition will destroy country



Mahathir, a racist Malay chauvinist - TRUE OR FALSE?






Be careful of your actions, Dr M warns daughter






Arrest Mahathir and Win GE-13 in a BIG Way






Dr M: Prove I was a dictator






No life for Sabah parties in BN after Mahathir, says Star






Arrest Mahathir and Win GE-13 in a BIG Way






Dr M & the Sabah RCI: 'Mother of all gambles' that Najib has already LOST






IS DR M TO BLAME? Killing our own citizens & creating a threat from within 






Sabah crisis: Mahathir's Project IC to blame - analysts






Probe Dr M for treason, Sabah RCI urged

Athi Shankar | August 17, 2012
It is an open secret that the former prime minister was directly involved in illegally granting citizenship to immigrants, says the DAP.
GEORGE TOWN: A DAP MP has called the Sabah Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) on illegal immigrants to also investigate former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad and others for treason and abuse of power.
Senator S Ramakrishnan said it was an open secret that Mahathir, Umno and several government agencies were directly involved in illegally granting citizenship to immigrants.
He said the “Project IC” was done with Umno’s blessing so that the political party of its choice would rule Sabah.
He said Umno implemented the project to neutralise, split and politically weaken Kadazan-Dusuns and Chinese in Sabah.
He alleged the project had also involved certain other political parties, various government agencies including the Election Commission, departments of national registration and immigration, which all came under the Home Ministry.
“If the RCI fails to probe into all those responsible for unlawfully issuing citizenship to illegal immigrants, it would be just another [Prime Minister] Najib Tun Razak’s initiative to pacify Sabah’s political rumblings,” said Ramakrishnan.
He noted that Mahathir had recently justified his “Project IC” to issue identity cards to illegal Muslim immigrants from the Philippines and Indonesia.
Mahathir claimed that the illegal immigrants were qualified to be citizens based on their length of stay and mastering of the national language.
He questioned why the immigrants could not be accepted as citizens when they have all the qualifications.
Political appeasement

In his blog posting, he claimed that choosing not to naturalise migrants in Sabah was racist and objection against giving citizenship to them was political.
He said Malaysians should accept that their fellow citizens may come from different backgrounds.
In 1960, Sabah population comprised 32% Kadazan-Dusuns, 23% Chinese, 15.8% other Muslims, 13.1% Bajaus, 5.5% Indonesians, 4.9% Muruts, 1.6% Filipinos and 0.4% Malays.
But in 2006, the state’s ethnic composition changed drastically, comprising 25% non-citizens, 17.76% Kadazan-Dusuns, 14.62% other Bumiputeras, 13.4% Bajaus, 11.48% Malays, 9.6% Chinese, 4.8% others and 3.3% Muruts.
Disclosing the statistics, Ramakrishnan said the demographic pattern changes showed that the project had altered Sabah’s ethnic composition to favour the ruling Umno government and its political allies.
“Will the RCI investigate and take Mahathir and others responsible to court?
“Unless the RCI investigates the culprits responsible for treason and abuse of power, the whole effort would be a political appeasement,” he said.

IS DR M TO BLAME? Killing our own citizens & creating a threat from within 






Sabah crisis: Mahathir's Project IC to blame - analysts

Arrest Mahathir and Win GE-13 in a BIG Way








Dr M & the Sabah RCI: 'Mother of all gambles' that Najib has already LOST





Forcing illegals to swear inAllah's name to vote BN and to keep it a secret!!!!!!

Forcing illegals to swear in Allah's name to vote BN and to keep it a secret!!!!!!

Written by Iskandar Dzulkarnain, Malaysia Chronicle

Wanita PKR has said that it has proof that illegal immigrants registering with the Home Ministry’s 6P amnesty programme have been made to swear an oath that they and their families will vote for Barisan Nasional come polling day. 

Wanita PKR chief Zuraida Kamaruddin had brought to the party evidence in the form of a written statement requiring them to pledge allegiance to Umno and BN. The statement which reads:

“Bismillahhirahmanirrahim. Wallahi Wabillahi Watawallahi. I (name) in the name of Allah pledge and promise to be loyal to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, the Sultans and Malaysia. “I / my husband / my wife / my children will undividedly support and vote Umno / Barisan Nasional (BN). I will also continue to fight for Islam and the Malay race. My family and I promise to keep this SECRET, and if I break it I will pay the price.”

Zuraida said the statement was obtained from 6P centres in either Sepang, Hulu Selangor or Shah Alam, but would not specify which to protect the whistleblowers. She also called on the Najib administration to put a stop to the 6P programme and conduct a high-level probe into the allegations to ensure that the amnesty drive does not violate the country’s sovereignty to ensure continuity of power for Umno and Barisan Nasional.

Instant Bumi

BN government has sunk to new depths in their desperation to cling on to power. Not only is the above allegation highly treasonous it is also a slap in the face for Malaysians. Non-Malays in the country do not enjoy the “Bumiputra” status unlike their Malay and Muslim counterparts. However, if a Muslim immigrant is granted new citizenship, he is automatically given bumiputra status based on his Islamic beliefs.

If this is allowed to go on at the expense of non-Malay Citizens in the country, it will be a big mockery to the tax-paying non-Malay citizens, and also the real Bumiputras of this country, who have to share their 'first-class' status with that of immigrants. Already the number of ‘bumiputras’ in this country is more than the non-bumiputras, so there is not much sense in injecting more new bumiputras into the congested system.

Furthermore, in this country, only Malaysians above 21 are allowed to vote, while in most other countries once a youth touches 18, he automatically becomes an adult with voting rights. Why is the BN government determined to keep our children from becoming full-fledged adults and denying them their full rights for a further 3 years?

Yet new citizens are automatically allowed to vote the minute their applications are approved. How can the Malaysian government say that it has the people's interest at heart? New citizens should only be allowed voting rights after 5 years of residency. How can they be allowed to vote, since they have yet to learn of Malaysia’s history, culture, political and economic aspirations? Or can they? All they have to do is to pledge allegiance to the current Barisan National government. On top of that, they have to keep it a SECRET and to bear the consequences and pay the price if they break the oath.

BN has gone too far this time

It seems it is never enough for the BN. They have tried to divide the country along racial lines, but in the process, they have antagonized Malaysians with religious strife and now to cover their tracks, their newmodus operandi is to get new immigrants to vote for them if Malaysians themselves refuse to support them.

Day in and day out, NGOs go around shattering the peace in the country by playing up race and religious conflicts, while on the other hand the BN is quietly registering more citizens with instant voting rights to join the swelling ranks of citizens in the country.

Non-Malays feel that they are literally being pushed aside like rag dolls without any rights. How can such a thing be allowed to happen in such a fine country like Malaysia, when our leaders continue to swear allegiance – demi Agama, Raja dan Negara! (For Religion, King and Country).

Government servants and politicians should spend one day at Times Square in Kuala Lumpur and watch the crowds of Malaysians mingling around. Look at their busy, happy faces. All of them have a future, focus and an ambition. These people are the future of this country and the bread and butter of the government. They are the tax payers that drive the engines of economic growth in this country. 

So many things happening in this country are caused by the greed of our politicians. There are so many good things going for Malaysia, but our government must spoil it by playing with fire. Haven’t their mums ever taught them that they can get burnt for playing with fire? Seriously, we need to screen new citizens closely. Especially if their applications were approved for the sole purpose of voting to help the BN cheat. Malaysians welcome bona fide new citizens who can contribute to the economy and well-being of this country.

We simply must put a full stop to all this nonsense. Kick out Barisan Nasional now!

Forcing illegals to swear inAllah's name to vote BN and to keep it a secret!!!!!!









Dr M: Amend constitution to strip Ambiga's citizenship







Stop Dr M before he burns M’sia, says Bishop






Treason is giving away citizenship for votes, says Ambiga 















GE13 Set To Be A Titanic Clash


Anwar calls on Malaysians to dump BN, "cautiously optimistic" of WINNING GE13 






Government change must be peaceful, says Najib






Open letter to Tengku Razaleigh: Time to take a bold stand – Koon Yew Yin






Malaysia gears up for tense election race






Who’s afraid of Anwar Ibrahim?





Parliament to be dissolved as UMNO's troubles increase

KUALA LUMPUR, - Bukit Aman is aiding Barisan Nasional (BN) leaders with their political push in Election 2013, Datuk Mat Zain Ibrahim said today, adding that the act smacks of an abuse of power and public funds.
In an open letter to Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Tan Sri Ismail Omar, Mat Zain disclosed he had received a text message last Tuesday from a senior assistant police commissioner he identified as Hasyim Ali, inviting all police pensioners to a meeting with Datuk Seri Najib Razak at the prime minister’s official residence in Seri Perdana this Sunday.
“If Bukit Aman, believed with the IGP’s blessing, coordinates a meeting with police veterans and the Prime Minister at his residence a few days after Parliament and the DUN are dissolved, therefore how does Tan Sri hope to convince the people that the police will act neutrally, in a non-partisan manner and according to the law this entire period in the run-up to the GE?” he asked.
According to the former head of the city’s police criminal investigations department (CID), it was not the first time Bukit Aman was roped in to “coordinate” meetings between police pensioners and political leaders from the ruling coalition.
A man who answered to the Hasyim Ali name and phone number provided by Mat Zain sounded surprised when contacted by The Malaysian Insider this afternoon, but did not deny the April 7 morning meeting between the police veterans and PM Najib.
“Bukit Aman will make an official invitation to the press later,” the man said over the phone.

Form IPCMC, let Ambiga head it






IPCMC not an option but a must







Thursday, 04 April 2013 10:43

An Appeal to the NEXT Prime Minister of Malaysia - lawyers group

Written by  Lawyers for Liberty
Dear Prime Minister,
We are writing to you as a Malaysian human rights organisation concerned with the death of C. Sugumar on 23 January 2013.
As you would no doubt agree, the circumstances surrounding his death were appalling and very serious: he was chased by a group of uniformed policemen; he was quickly overpowered and handcuffed but in the process, a mob assaulted and stripped him naked and a policeman also smeared his face with turmeric. While he was facing down on the ground with his hands cuffed to his back, a policeman stepped on his neck until he stopped struggling. He died and no attempt was made to resuscitate him nor was any medical attention given to him.
The PDRM have now made the incredible claim that they are not responsible for his death nor have any of their personnel committed any criminal offence because the post-mortem showed Sugumar died from a heart attack. This is not surprising as PDRM do have a terrible history of cover up and denial of responsibility, see for example, the death in custody of A. Kugan and police shooting of 15-year-old Aminulrasyid.
In the long road from political independence to a modern democratic Malaysia, we seem to have lost our way and have allowed such a public display of state violence, to pass with impunity and without justice. This tragic incident is a serious blot and reminder on how far we are from the Malaysia we aspire.
It has been more than two months since Sugumar was killed in broad daylight while under police custody. His body still lies at the Serdang Hospital morgue, suspended between pending funeral rites and a much required second post-mortem that has been blocked at every stage by the authorities.
What further saddens us is that there has been so little sympathy or response from the authorities and the politicians that make up the government of the day. Even though Sugumar’s death was mainly championed by the opposition and civil society – this should not have mattered – and the authorities should have addressed his death instead of blindly supporting the police once again.
Several deaths in custody have already occurred this year, among them Chang Chin Te, Mohd Ropi and M. Ragu who have now joined a very long and tragic list of people who have died in PDRM custody.
According to the Home Ministry, from 2000 to February 2011, 156 people were found dead in police lock-up or custody but yet there is little accountability, transparency or any real investigations by the courts, police, Attorney-General’s Chambers and hospitals which provide medical assistance or conduct post-mortems. Out of these 156 cases, 85 (or 54.5%) were classified as “No Further Action” (what even does this mean?).
Despite the obvious seriousness of any death in custody, these important state institutions in most, if not all of these cases, chose to downplay, cover up, ignore or even make outrageous claims over these deaths – causing these institutions to lose credibility and public confidence. Despite the long list of custodial deaths, very few policemen are criminally charged much less found guilty of any offence.
We therefore make this appeal with the hope that as the next Prime Minister, you will correct this grave injustice and let Sugumar’s family have closure over his death. In order for this to happen, state institutions must be freed from improper political interference so that they are able to function independently and impartially like in any modern democratic state.
Lastly, we hope that you will also support setting up the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) which will certainly go a long way in preventing custodial deaths and enhancing public confidence.
Thank you.
Eric Paulsen
Co-founder & Adviser

Form IPCMC, let Ambiga head it






IPCMC not an option but a must














From: louis vincent joseph <>
Sent: Friday, April 19, 2013 1:24 PM
Subject: Fw: Most Dangerous SPR BORONG 717 (Nationwide alert )


Subject: Fwd: Most Dangerous SPR BORONG 717 (Nationwide alert )

Dear brothers & sisters, I received this but am unable to ascertain veracity of the information. If you have knowledge that the is correct it would be best that all of us be aware of this dangerous form and the man Tunku Aziz for what he is.
Admittedly this would in all likelihood be used in the rural areas.

Sent from Peter's iPad
Subject: Most Dangerous SPR BORONG 717 (Nationwide alert )
This is how they are planning to cheat at all cost to remain in power, We need every single vote in order to offset their cheating. Now, you know why foreign observers are not allowed. 
14/4/2013     Sunday
This is the most dangerous SPR Borong 717 that will be use on 5th May 2013. 
300,000 (minimum) of this form will be use in Penang, Kedah, Kelantan, Perak, Negeri Sembilan, Johore, Selangor, Wilayah Persekutuan and Sabah.
Armed Forces and advance voters will have indelible ink on their finger before casting their votes.  But postal voters including those manning on polling day will NOT HAVE INDELIBLE INK mark on their fingers. This SPR Borong 717 allow people who claim they have no time to cast their vote earlier or advance BEFORE 5th May 2013 to vote anywhere in Malaysia on 5th May 2013.  ALL KTM have been notified to allow people with SPR Borong 717 to cast their vote in their area.

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