Former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad's "biggest nightmare" is to have PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim become the prime minister, charged the latter.
NONESpeaking to reporters in Kuching yesterday, Anwar said Mahathir's primary concern is that a new government would affect his son's contracts with petroleum companies. 
“His biggest nightmare is that I will take over the government. He is worried about his legacy and his son’s oil-based company.

“We are talking about oil royalty. We are talking about Sabah and Sarawak to have their own petroleum companies which must control at least 30 percent of petroleum production,” he said.
Anwar said this when asked to respond to Mahathir's oft-repeated claim that Pakatan Rakyat should not be given even a term in Putrajaya.
Mix of oil and beer
He claimed that one of Mahathir's sons controls a company which receives many contracts from Petronas
“Therefore, he is very worried because this involves billions of ringgit. Moreover, he is the advisor to Petronas, and if we take over, he will not be the advisor and there will be no monopoly of contracts awarded to his son.

NONE“He is worried about his other son who has acquired (Manila-based beer brewer) San Miguel for RM2.9 billion. You have to explain how come you are able to make so much money.

“How come, as a Muslim leader, you control San Miguel?” said Anwar.

When Pakatan forms the next federal government, the PKR leader assured that the Pakatan government would not disturb him for what he has done in the past.

“I want to assure Mahathir and Malaysians that I have no malice against anyone. It is not my interest to go against anyone. My interest is to make sure that we are able to govern this country justly and fairly.”
'Too much emnity'
Advising Mahathir to retire gracefully, he said: “Mahathir should not show so much enmity and viciousness towards individuals. It is not wise for him to do so.

“I not only wish him well, but would like to also offer a small advice that he should be more tactful, for example, accusing me that if I become prime minister, I will sell this country to the Chinese.

“Certainly, this is not a wise thing to say,” Anwar added, pointing out that Mahathir’s views are obsolete.

“With due respect to Mahathir, he represents the old school, and some of his views are really obsolete,” said Anwar.

The writer, who uses a pseudonym, is based in Sarawak.

Zaid Ibrahim quits politics

Anisah Shukry | January 29, 2013
The former law minister who was banking on contesting in 'any urban seat' provided he had Pakatan’s support will be focusing on business instead.
PETALING JAYA: Former minister and ex-Kita chief Zaid Ibrahim has quit politics and entered the corporate sector in a bid to “try something else”.
“Yes, I am quitting politics to concentrate on business. But I will continue to write, I will continue to give ideas and suggestions on politics,” Zaid told FMT today.
It was only last November that the lawyer-turned-politician had told reporters he would contest in any urban seat in the 13th general election, provided he had opposition coalition Pakatan Rakyat’s
But when asked today whether he would continue to support Pakatan or turn to Barisan Nasional instead, he replied: “I will support whoever does right for the country.
“If you do the right thing, I will support, no matter which side you are from.”
Zaid’s abrupt departure from politics comes in the wake of his S$6.9 million (RM17.15 million) purchase of 350 million shares from Singapore-based Ipco International.
The Straits Times reported today that Zaid’s purchase will give him a 7% stake in Ipco, which has a diversified portfolio of investments.
Ipco had said that Zaid “is well-connected in Malaysia and in the region and the company can leverage his extensive connections… and knowledge in the oil and gas industry in order to grow its own oil and gas business” the Straits Times reported.
Commenting on this, Zaid said: “[The investment is] just a start, to see how things are. I am trying something else besides politics, so we’ll see how far it goes.”
When asked whether he would venture into further business, the former PKR member chuckled and said: “One step at a time.”
Zaid was a member of Umno and the de facto law minister before he was sacked for attending Pakatan events and assemblies in 2009.
He joined PKR soon after, but quit a year later, citing loss of confidence in the party’s leadership in its handling of the 2010 internal elections.
In 2011 he founded his own party, Kita, but resigned as its chief in November, citing health reasons.

Keep speaking out, Pakatan tells Zaid

G Vinod and Priscilla Prasena | January 30, 2013
While Pakatan Rakyat leaders hailed Zaid as an asset to the nation, Nazri Aziz referred to the former law minister as a flop.
PETALING JAYA: With former Kita president Zaid Ibrahim quitting politics, two Pakatan Rakyat leaders urged him to continue voicing out on issues affecting Malaysians at large.
DAP vice-chairman M Kulasegaran said, “I hope he will continue to lend support to righteous political leaders.”
Yesterday, Zaid announced that he would quit politics to pay more attention to his business ventures.
His decision comes in the wake of his RM17.15 million purchase of 350 million shares from Singapore-based Ipco International.
The Straits Times reported today that Zaid’s purchase will give him a seven percent stake in Ipco, which has diversified portfolio of investments.
Kulasegaran, who is also Ipoh Barat MP, described Zaid as a “man in a hurry”.
“Judging from his actions, I can see that Zaid wants quick fix on things but it’s not that easy in politics. Nevertheless, he is still a useful leader to many,” said the DAP leader.
PKR vice-president Chua Jui Meng echoed Kulasegaran’s sentiments, saying Zaid is an intelligent man who could cut across the racial and religious divide.
“He’s an asset to the nation. Zaid is a courageous man who will articulate his views without fear or favour,” said Chua.
The former health minister urged Zaid to assume a “peace-maker” role in society and speak out on issues affecting the nation.
“He can voice out against any leader who is making a mistake, be it Barisan Nasional or Pakatan,” said Chua.
‘No affect at all’

Meanwhile, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Nazri Aziz poured scorn on Zaid and called him a flop.
“Zaid has been rejected by both the government and the opposition. He was never a serious contender,” said Nazri.
On how Zaid’s departure would affect Malaysian politics, he said,” It will not affect politics or Malaysia in any way.”
Zaid was appointed minister in the aftermath of the 2008 general election but resigned in September the same year in protest against the government’s use of the Internal Security Act against several prominent individuals, such as DAP MP Teresa Kok and blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin.
He later joined PKR in June 2009 but quit a year later to form his own party, Kita.
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Zaid Ibrahim quits politics

Din Merican – For Sale To The Highest Bidder

din-mericanWe haven’t heard from discredited blogger Din Merican for a while but he has surfaced again with his tirades against the government – after his offer to be a mole inside the Pakatan Rakyat was rejected.
This scum traveled all the way to the US to get a brief appointment with the PM, who was then on an official trip. He told the PM’s aides that he was available to leak secrets of Pakatan. He desperately wanted to see the PM himself, he pleaded. But everyone who knows his background has had enough of his treacherous past.
He was correctly snubbed. He was shown the door. Well, this scum, after having failed to get what he wanted, is now back to what he has been paid to do – blog against the BN.
Stop The Lies urges the Pakatan leadership to do a thorough check on this Din Merican. He is the snake inside your party. If he can offer himself to be a mole, you guys better know who you are dealing with. Good luck to you guys.
Who is this Din Merican, a blogger who claims of being among the top 5 in Malaysia and quite well-known abroad? Who gave him such a rating? He himself, that is.
Din Merican is also known as Zeta Bar, after the club at KL Hilton, because of his drunken habit and not to mention he is also a regular customer of Season Tower, if you know what we meant. Like his boss, Anwar Ibrahim, he is a serial screwer.
Incredibly, Din Merican once got rewarded with a fellowship in the government-run MIER, and now it seems that the MACC is breathing down his neck. A plain crook is what he is!
His honour and integrity has long been lost when he was hustling money from a corporate personality and he then turned around and accused them of corruption when they stopped paying him.
His lost his honour and integrity ever since he believed RPK’s statutory declaration accusing Rosmah of personally killing Altantunya. He also screwed himself up by defending ‘sodomiser’Anwar Ibrahim based on that non-existent fake Pusrawi medical report.
His honour and integrity has long been lost since his days in Sime Darby. He sold Daim’s name as his classmate at Sultan Hamid College in order to get the ‘immunity’ from been taken to the court for stealing the company’s money while he was its Plantation Director.
This Din ‘Temberang’ now works for anyone who pays him handsomely – irrespective of who the boss is, what the tasks are or what consequences the tasks may have on others.
He is a man of no principle. Tun Mahathir was once Din’s idol (his late mother was once a nurse working at Tun M’s clinic) when he was at Sime Darby as its Corporate Affairs Director (CEO in-waiting it was said, but luckily the late Tun Ismail changed the succession plan) but shows despise at Tun Mahathir because his protege Tan Sri Nik Mohamed instead got the coveted seat.
Din Merican, who is a long confidante of Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, is now trying to re-deem himself in the eyes of his Pakatan pay masters. Just months ago, he was talking about giving the PM “a chance” and the need for transformation!
Eyeing a deal, which could enrich himself, he sang praises of the BN – which was noticed by many bloggers – but this venomous character is now back to his old self. Well, unless someone is prepared to pay him a price!